Cabinet of Curiosity: A data science blog

We aim to explore, collect, and visualize the vast amount of data describing our natural world.

The name of our site, Cabinet of Curiosity, sprang from our desire to honor the inception of natural history museums. Beginning around 1600 in Europe Cabinets of Curiosities were private collections of geological, archeological, ethnological, and natural objects found throughout the world.

About Contributors

Caryn Johansen loves to think about how data can be used to inform and educate. The natural world is such a rich resource for data, and she’s excited to explore and share the many different stories and resources. She has a MS in bioinformatics from New York University, and for a while studied the evolution of gene expression patterns in corn populations at UC Davis. She is currently a data scientist at a start up, and is pretty excited about the personal genomics and quantification movement. Besides that, she loves outdoor, mountain-based activities and is working on her penmanship.

Ciera Martinez is a biologist who spent the last ten years studying the evolution of morphology. During her PhD she explored how plant form develops and now aims to understand how non-coding DNA defines developmental signals during early fruit fly development. She is a Berkeley Institute of Data Science Fellow where she explores her love of all things data. And really likes fancy microscopes and cats.